We continually strive to offer the latest technology, market leading materials and functionality through product and packaging.

We take pride in our manufacturing processes and quality control systems and remain committed to delivering value for money.

Our in-house Design team and Research & Development team work together to ensure functionality, quality and value is achieved.

We are always searching for new opportunities that improve our product offerings, ensuring our customers are provided with high-level quality and innovative product.

We offer our customers high-level quality products that are also value for money.

Our range covers products for your outdoor pathways, gardens, driveway, garage, deck and patio lighting.

In addition to our comprehensive product range, we also specialise in various retail packaging and merchandising solutions that are tailored to different retail enviroments and requirements.

We focus on design and creativity, our designers research, design and produce on trend ranges with exceptional craftsmanship through a step-by-step process of identifying consumer home lifestyle trends.

Our exclusive product development through our own tool shop and tooling design team allows us to differentiate from other solar lighting products.

Our innovation and creation provide customers with a wide selection of premium products with first to market technology.